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Re: Job Vacancies ( $USD 3,700 ) : Online Translator Arabic to English vice versa

no need to be that mean stupid

On Sep 23, 2015 4:58 AM, "Ling goWorld" <> wrote:
Please don't apply for a translator job when your english isn't that good.

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 6:03 PM, Kinda Saeed <> wrote:

I hope you are having  a nice day.

Regarding that I'm from Syria and have no bank account or pay pal that I can use.
Is it ok to ask you if I can continue the registration process and you can deduct the mony from my first assignment fee? this is if you can transfer money to me by Western Union, if not, then my work here can no longer continue.

Best regards

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 1:38 PM, Ling goWorld <> wrote:
(This is an automatic email-Do not reply to this email, your application information will be deleted / replaced with the reply / fwd)
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You can check your application at

* Translator ID : Your email address, use the search function at to find your ID (e.g -

* Translator Profile : Web page containing Translator ID and your Profile . It can be accessed by customers.



Official registration is MANDATORY to confirm your commitment to become a translator (we don't want translators to disappeared in the middle of translation process). Translators who still have not register within 15 days after receiving this email, will be considered uncommitted to be a translator and his/her application will be disposed of, and will not be allowed to apply again forever.

Please click here to complete your registration:
(OR copy this URL >> " " and paste it in your browser/explorer)



  • NEW LIST of " TRANSLATION JOB / CLIENT "will only be emailed to Registered Translator within 2 weeks after their registration. After that TRANSLATORs are required to check the list themselves in the Forums below every THURSDAY. Check the last THREAD of that particular forum with the latest date to see the latest "TRANSLATION JOBs". Choose only the job that MATCH your background/field. Follow the instruction given on how to make a RESERVE on the JOB. Remember International JOB can only be reserved by Translator who registered through PayPal.



    *REMINDER: Any TRANSLATOR who failed to update us more than 3 days on the TRANSLATION JOB they reserved, will be suspended.

  •     After making a 'reserve' on a TRANSLATION JOB, you will contact the client to discuss further regarding the rate, dateline and other requirement for the translation.

  •     Start the translation process as early as possible. Here are some tools that you can use to help with the translation:
    /  =  Computer Aided Translation (CAT)
    / = Converting images to text to facilitate the translation process
  •      Translation period should not go beyond 3 days. E-mail the document to the client upon completion and ask the client to make full payment (give your bank account details OR paypal email)



"Translator Guide" will be provided upon completing the registration process.

Contents of Translator Guide:

Translation and Confidentiality

How to Become a Successful Translator

Ways to find and Keep Well-Paying Clients

How to get an Internship with a Translation Agency

Setting your Translation Rates

Translation Techniques

Direct Clients versus Translation Agencies

Translator Training Courses and Programs

The procedure for translating to legal equivalence



After your registration is completed and valid, you will bear the work ethic and aspirations of LingGOWorld, we hope you can give whole-hearted commitment and dedication while performing duties as a translator.



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Yours Truly,
Pusat Perkembangan Kurikulum R&D
Aras 4-8, Blok E9,
Plaza Axis Eureka 62607 Cyberjaya


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