Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Translation Services Required
Dear Mycambridge Blogspotcom,

You have been sent a message from your page by Asim S.
Hi! I trust all is well with you. My name is Asim Srivastav and I am writing to you from IROS, a market research firm based in Mumbai, India. We are planning to conduct some market research in Malaysia – this will involve asking regular consumers about their reactions to various current issues.

I am looking for a translator who can translate the questionnaire for these surveys from English to Malay. The main quality we are looking for is ability of the translator to be able to communicate the exact terms/ meanings from the English to the local language so that the meaning is not altered and we are able to collect accurate responses. The document is a questionnaire but I am as yet unaware of the total number of source words as the document is being finalized. Based on past experience, it is likely to be around 1000 words.

We expect to do such research on a periodic basis in this country and are looking for someone who can handle such translation work for us whenever needed. Can you kindly revert at your earliest convenience to let me know if:
- You are interested in taking up such work?
- What is the best rate per source word that you can offer?
- What are your payment terms and mode of accepting payment? We only make payments through Moneybookers/ Skrill (, is this payment route okay with you?
- How much time do you require from the time a document is sent to you?

We are looking for good quality and timing at reasonable rates and I am writing to a number of translators to be able to get the best possible option. I look forward to hearing back from you at the earliest in this context.

Warm Regards,

Asim Srivastav
Managing Director,

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Mississauga, ON L5J 3T4

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