Freelance Application

-Able to read & write proficiently in the language you'll be translating
-Basic Computer knowledge
-Working at home via online
-No experience needed

**This offer is opened to all nationality except from middle east

How to Apply:

1. Please email us the information written under the GREEN line BELOW  to " :

This application will be processed automatically by the computer so make sure there are no varieties that can confuse the system such as ...
- DO NOT  write greetings , compliment or so in your application .
- DO NOT  write the word " APPLICATION " in the email title.
- DO NOT send any questions / attachment / resume, also make sure there is no " signature " under your email
- DO NOT write your contact Number (Land / Cellular) .

ERASE RED colored words including brackets symbols ( ) below and replace it with your details . Copy each word except the green ones to the email you're going to send.

===============Title Subject in the Email==============================

Job Vacancies ( $USD 3,700 ) : Online Freelance (Translator? / Transcriber? / Proofreader? / Writer? of (English? / Malay? / B.Arab? / Mandarin? / Japanese? / Korean ? / others? ) 

=======================Email Contents ==============================

Translator ID :(type your email here)

Service offered :  DELETE any that you CANNOT do below...

Translation  (from english  to what language? e.g Malay)
2. Transcribe Audio/Video > Text/Subtitle   (state duration e.g at least 7 days to complete 200 minutes)
3. Proofreading (of what language? e.g Bahasa Arab)
4. Writing / Rewriting  (state your background e.g Feqah, Hadith)

Status: ( applying as PERMANENT or TEMPORARY freelancer, if temporary please state until when? i.e until convocation 1st December 2015)

Name: ( e.g Ms. Ng Kar Ming)


Example :

Please note that you may be deprived of office if found in violation of the disciplinary manners of speaking and being rude to customers or staff, including by email, and no payment will be refunded after the dismissal.

2. Please Activate your application by " LIKING " this FB page ->

NOTE : We will not Process your application if you do not  Like the given FB page



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Emel ke ATAU guna borang comment dibawah sekali, dengan butir-butir di bawah:

a. Nama Anda:
b. No.Telefon
c. Ingin perkhidmatan ?
1. Terjemahan English-B.Melayu
2. Transcribe Audio/Video ke Text/Subtitle
3. Proofread Thesis,Buku,Jurnal,etc
4. Buat Thesis/Jurnal dengan kaedah rewrite (express)
5. Buat resume

Kami akan reply dengan "Quote Harga" dalam tempoh 48 jam

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Email to OR use comment field below to send the details as follows:

a. Your Name:
b. Whatsapp No.:
c. State which service you require ?
1. English-Malay translation
2. Transcribe Audio/Video to Text/Subtitle
3. Proofread English Thesis,Books,Journal,etc
4. Write an article

We will reply with the Quotation within 48 hours

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